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DownloadA Citizen's Guide to Watershed Planning in Wisconson

The guide and this website were developed for YOU. While our state (DNR) or federal (EPA) agencies are often looked to to “fix” our water quality problems, we recognize that grassroots efforts, involving local citizens with a passion for their local waterbodies, are the key to making improvements and being stewards of their water resources. This guide to watershed planning is written with the grassroots approach in mind. It offers processes, tips, lists, resources and other information to assist you in writing and implementing a watershed plan that will provide the framework for protecting or restoring local water resources.

Take some time to explore this site and the resources we’ve collected.

On this website, you’ll find links to resources to help you on your plan writing path. We’ve collected example plans that we think are well written and can serve as guides as you write your own plan. Additionally, we’ve added links to other plan writing guidance and a host of information and data sources you might tap into for information specific to your watershed.