Resources for Community Initiatives

Study Highlights Key Factors for Improving Coalition Collaboration and Unification

Using Data to Advance a Postsecondary Systems Change Agenda

Theory of Change Basics

Fundamentals of Theory of Change

Theory of Change

Rereading “Collective Impact”: Three Lessons

Five Big Ideas for getting to a Common Agenda

How to Start a Movement

What is collective Impact?

Collaborating Governance Pulling the Threads Together

Structuring Efforts as “Cascading Levels of Linked Collaborative Work” Enables Solutions to Emerge

Collective Impact: Vibrant Communities

Collective Impact Backbone Workshop

Backbone effectiveness: 27 indicators

Channeling change: Making collective impact work

Embracing emergence: How collective impact addresses complexity

Understanding the value of Backbone Organizations in Collective Impact

Community Capitals Framework Brief

The Collaboration Spectrum