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Wisconsin 4-H Forestry

Members enrolled in any 4-H project can participate in Wildlife WHEP WI 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry activities.

Overview:  Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry offers hands-on learning activities, workshops, wildlife/forestry contests, art contests, and community service activities as opportunities of learning for 4-H members and their families. It is open to all 4-H youth members in grades 3 through 13.The activities are led by 4-H youth leaders and 4-H adult volunteer leaders.

Goals: Our goal is to provide an opportunity for youth to gain valuable forestry and wildlife knowledge, develop life skills, provide new experiences, and career opportunity related information.  Other goals are to recruit and train youth/adult 4-H volunteer leaders and encourage family participation natural science activities. More time outdoors means more fun.

Resources: The nationally recognized 4-H Wildlife Habitat Education Program (WHEP) & 4-H Forestry Manuals are used as the basic teaching tools. The manuals and reference information are available online for Wildlife website: whep.org  and Forestry website: 4hforestryinvitational.org/training  A condensed selection of topics is available at  https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/whepwi4h/ (Use of local and state website/resources are highly recommended.)

Skill Level Booklets: Wildlife & Forestry “Skill Level” booklets provide ideas for classroom topics and activities.

Wildlife & Forestry Workshop ContestsStatewide competition is held in April and August each year. In wildlife, an ecoregion, listed species of critters, foods, and management practices are used each year. In forestry, it is about cover trees and habitat management practices, measurements, tree diseases, orienteering, topographic maps, and more. In both, youth will learn about wildlife connection to urban/rural trees and the forest. There are 3 age divisions.  Individual & team registration forms are on the website: https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/whepwi4h/  Four member teams are selected for national participation in the WHEP & Forestry Contests. Older youth can participate one time in each contest in your 4-H career.

Wildlife & Forestry Art Contests:  Display your wildlife or forestry art items at the April or August Art contests. Go on the website and look over the “Art” registration forms where there are 18 different categories in 3 age divisions.  Mail in the registration form now. Club and county wildlife & forestry art contests are encouraged. We can help you organize it.

“Backyard & Back 40” Wildlife Activities:  Wildlife WHEP WI 4-H and Wisconsin 4-H Forestry will help your county with resources and offers assistance with the following activities: 1.) Purple Loosestrife Beetle Growing Program, 2.) Building Bat Houses, 3.) Improving Habitat for Pollinators, 4.) Building Butterfly & Rain Gardens, (example milkweed & butterfly project), 5.) Improving Habitat for Migrating Land Birds. 6.) Improving Upland Bird Habitats, 7.) Water & Riparian Areas Improvements.  We’ll help you can adjust any activity to meet your needs.

4-H Wildlife Youth Leadership & Career Explorations: Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry encourages youth leadership participation and career explorations through 4-H projects and related activities.  Hands-on training is available. Here is a great opportunity to learn more “life skills” and enhance your resume. It is fun learning too.

Looking for Wildlife & Forestry Activities for your next event: Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H and Wisconsin 4-H Forestry promotion committee can do a presentation in your county. We have many age specific hands on activities to share. The typical hands-on activities are approximately 1-1/2 to 2 hours long and are adjusted to your needs. “Youth and Adult Leader” training opportunities are included in the programs. It is a great new leader recruitment opportunity.

Contact us anytime.

“TRACKS”:  Our email newsletter (5 annually) includes information on Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H and Wisconsin 4-H Forestry activities. Contact us and we’ll add you to the email list.

CHECK OUT the Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H website:       https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/whepwi4h/

See additional information on the website about the Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry programs.

Special Thanks” are extended to the following for making the “Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H” & “Wisconsin 4-H Forestry” programs, possible: Wisconsin Chapter of National Wild Turkey Federation; Mad City Gobblers; Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H Friends; Wisconsin 4-H Forestry Friends; Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H & Forestry – Washington County; Ebel Sales, Inc.; Washington County (Hartford Chapter) Whitetails Unlimited; Northern Kettle Moraine Chapter of Whitetails Unlimited; Gateway Gobblers Chapter of  NWTF; Wildlife WHEP Wisconsin 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry State Committee Members. Advisor, Brianna Stapleton Welch for Wildlife WHEP WI 4-H & Wisconsin 4-H Forestry 2016

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