About the Wisconsin 4-H Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame logoIt began……

The genesis for our Hall of Fame began with discussions about how UW-Extension 4-H Youth Development should celebrate our Centennial in 2014. Three broad themes came out of initial planning: we need to capitalize on this opportunity for the future; take pride in our accomplishments; and celebrate our past.

The purpose……

This Hall of Fame is established to recognize 4-H volunteers, financial supporters, staff and pioneers who made major contributions to the 4-H movement at the local, state and national levels. The candidates represent 4-H in the broadest sense – they may be 4-H volunteers, financial supporters, UW-Extension professionals or staff employees who had an impact on the lives of children, their community or state through significant contributions of time, energy, or financial resource to 4-H and its members. The names of some are very recognizable, as sites and buildings bear their names. Others, while not broadly known, have transformed the lives of children and families with whom they’ve worked and the communities in which they’ve lived. The Hall of Fame preserves Wisconsin’s 4-H history and development while increasing awareness of the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development program.

It grows…..

100 Hall of Fame laureates were inducted in 2014 to coincide with the Wisconsin 4-H Youth Development Centennial Celebration. Moving forward, yearly nominations will be taken to select up to 10 honorees each year to keep the Wisconsin 4-H Hall of Fame growing.