Dairy Goats and Meat Goats are national 4-H projects. They feature curriculum that will guide you through the projects. For a copy of the curriculum, contact your County 4-H Office or order online at National 4-H Service Supply for Dairy Goats or Meat Goats. For additional curriculum possibilities, explore the National Directory of 4-H Materials and do a key word search for Dairy Goat or Meat Goat.

Dairy Goats 1
What you can do in this project: gain hands-on experiences in the goat project; select, manage, fit and show goats; learn responsible goat ownership.
Grades: 3-5
Resources: 08352, Getting Your Goat
4H369E, 4-H Dairy Goat Project Health Supplement

Dairy Goats 2
What you can do in this project: learn to keep your goat healthy; feed your goat for maximum production; prepare for kidding; develop judging skills; learn how to milk a goat properly.
Grades: 6-8
Resource: 08353, Stepping Out

Dairy Goats 3
What you can do in this project: learn about genetics, diseases and breeding; study body-condition scoring and linear appraisal; understand bio-security and prevention measures; gain leadership and explore career opportunities.
Grades: 9-12
Resource: 08354, Showing the Way

Dairy Goats Leader
Resources: 08355, Dairy Goat Helper’s Guide
4H500, I’m a 4-H Project Leader. Now What Do I Do?

Meat Goats 1
What you can do in this project: identify meat goat breeds and parts; learn to select a good animal; feed and care for a meat goat; develop a budget for a meat goat project.
Grades: 3-4
Resource: 07909, Just Browsing

Meat Goats 2
What you can do in this project: recognize meat goat diseases; select a veterinarian and purchase breeding stock; understand reproduction cycle and keep records; fit and show meat goats.
Grades: 5-7
Resource: 07910, Growing with Meat Goats

Meat Goats 3
What you can do in this project: learn to control diseases; understand bio-security and quality assurance; formulate rations; evaluate goat pastures.
Grades: 9-12
Resource: 07911, Meating the Future

Meat Goats Leader
Resources: 07912, Meat Goat Helper’s Guide
4H500, I’m a 4-H Project Leader. Now What Do I Do?


Want to learn more about Goats? Try the links below.

Goats Project Training
Many counties hold local training for members and leaders in their favorite project areas, including goats. Watch your county 4-H Family newsletter or contact your county Extension office for details.

Wisconsin 4-H and Youth Conference
If you’re in grades 8-10, check out the next Wisconsin 4-H and Youth Conference, scheduled each June at the UW-Madison campus. The conference offers educational seminars in most areas of 4-H. Contact your county Extension office for details.

Wisconsin State Fair
Annual 11-day event held in August at State Fair Park, West Allis, WI.

County Fair

The county fair . . . what a great time it is! Every summer, families flock to county fairs to see the latest 4-H project exhibits. Exhibiting is a fun and educational way for youth to showcase their project work to judges and to the public. Judging materials are supported by Bill Shaw in memory of his wife, Shirley


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There’s so much more to learn in the 4-H Goat Projects. Just follow these links!

American Boer Goat Association
Site is committed to seeing the meat goat industry in general, and the Boer goat breed in particular, established as a respected and profitable component of mainstream North American agriculture.

American Kiko Goat Association
Site aims to draw together in one place comprehensive written material relating to the Kiko goat and the outcomes of crossbreeding programs.

American Meat Goat Association
Site promotes meat goats as a viable source of long-term, stable income in agricultural operations; to establish group breeding plans for the improvement of meat goats; and to enhance consumer demand at the retail level.

International Fainting Goat Association
Site includes information on registration, pedigree documentation, and links that educate the public about the uniqueness of the breed.

National Animal Identification System
Information on how this important new livestock animal identification system is being implemented in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin 4-H STEM
Resources and links to science, engineering, and technology activities.

Project Support

For more information on the 4-H Goat Projects, contact the following:

Cooperative Extension Media Collection
This lending library features several resources on dairy goats.

UW-Extension County 4-H Offices
This is your link to a list of Wisconsin County Extension Offices. Select the county of your choice.

UW-Extension Youth Dairy Specialist: Beth Heinze

UW-Extension State Meat Goats Specialist: Bernie O’Rourke