Community members, educators, friends, and family are integral to a child’s successful navigation of the deployment cycle.  The materials here are intended to help support  military kids before, during, and after military deployment.



Wisconsin 4-H Military Kids (WMK) worked with the public library system in Wisconsin to provide over twenty books to each of the seventeen library regions.  Activity/lesson plans to accompany some of the books as an added resource for individual families, community organizations, or Family Readiness Groups are available below.   Operation: Military Kids Read is designed to provide resources and build support for families where they work and live.



Thank you to Mona Johnson and Learning and Teaching Support and the Washington State Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction for sharing their resources.

Tackling Tough Topics, An Educator’s Guide to working with Military Kids

  • This publication was created to assist you in better understanding and being responsive to the unique issues facing military kids whose parents or loved ones have been or are currently deployed. It provides practical, hands-on information to help you deal with the unique “tough to talk about” topics students experience in the school setting including:
    • Talking to Kids About Violence, Terrorism, and War
    • Supporting Military Kids During Deployment, Homecoming, and Reunion
    • Helping Kids Cope with Stress
    • Understanding the Impact of Grief and Loss
    • Coping with Death
    • Fostering Resilience



Operation Military Kids had the opportunity to participate in the Wisconsin Public Television program Teen Connection in May, 2010.  For an hour, three teens answered calls from viewers about the experience of having a family member deployed.  Matt Paulino, Eleanor Horvath, and Nina Horvath have all experienced the deployment of a parent and shared their stories to help other teens.  Taped segments shared the stories of three teens with parents deployed through the National Guard as well as the perspective of the Operation Military Kids Director and a mother of children with a deployed father.   The show can be viewed at Teen Connection’s website.   Teen Connection Activities are available for use with the video.  To order a copy of the video contact Newist/CESA 7 at


Returning to School

  • –You may also wish to log into Military OneSource, select Phases of Military Life > Family Life and for additional resources and services or search a particular topic. You can find topics such as preparing kids to start the school year, transitioning to middle or high school, changing schools, college searches, DoD Online Libraries provide a large range of reference materials, teacher and parent resources, ebooks and more.  The listed resources are only a small example available. You will be able to print or download Military OneSource articles and resources for future reference.
    • Articles:
      • Supporting Your Childs Education at Home
      • School Transitions and More
      • How to Select the Right College for You
      • Finding and Applying for Education Loans
      • And much more
  • Education Specialty Consultation:  a scheduled meeting online or over the phone that allows eligible individuals to communicate with specialists in the area of education. You can arrange an education specialty consultation by calling Military OneSource at 1-800-342-9647 and requesting a specialty consultation in the field of education. Once scheduled, you’ll have the opportunity to speak to an educational specialist for an hour up to 12 times a year at no cost.
  • Spouse Education and Career Opportunities – Work with a consultant to create a plan of action that considers earning potential metrics, financial aid options, education and training program resources, Credential and Licensing, job search techniques, interview skills, perfecting resumes and more.  Call a Spouse Education and Career Opportunity Consultant at 1-800-342-9647 today! 

Supporting your Child

  • Education at HomeAs a parent, it is important to create a positive learning environment in your home and help cultivate a positive attitude toward education. To learn more about ways you can support and reinforce the efforts of your child’s school visit the Military OneSource website or click on the blue hyperlink for the direct link to the article.
  • Working with Your Child’s School:  Parents want to do everything they can to support their children’s education. Check out this article to see some of the best ways to do this and watch how you will develop a good relationship with your child’s teachers.
  • Understanding the Emergency Plan at Your Child’s School:  Putting together an emergency plan is key to keeping your family safe in the event of a natural disaster or other crisis. If your child(ren) are in school or attends a child care center, you’ll want to understand their emergency procedures as you put together your own emergency plan. In many areas, schools and child care facilities are required by law to have emergency plans. Check out the complete article on the Military OneSource website to learn more about what to expect and how you can help your child’s school.
  • Tutoring   Thanks to the Department of Defense, K-12 students in military families have FREE access to expert tutors, anytime day or night with for Military Families. That means that kids can have LIVE one-on-one tutoring for almost any subject, including algebra, physics, chemistry, English, history, and more – all the way up to AP level, all school year long.  Click on the link and scroll down to find under Popular Links.


Multiple resources exist to help military families stay informed, provide information to community members interested in learning more, or offer ideas to agencies wanting to support military families.

    Led by the White House, this non-partisan national initiative known as Joining Forces, calls on nurses and communities to educate themselves on the needs of PTSD patients and to dedicate themselves to providing the highest quality care to these patients. In the spirit of this initiative, this resource is used to help not only nurses, but anyone — family members, friends, co-workers — better understand and recognize PTSD; steps that are critical to ensuring patients receive appropriate care and support.
    is provided by the Department of Defense at no cost to active duty, Guard and Reserve (regardless of activation status) and their families. Whether its help with child care, personal finances, emotional support during deployments, relocation information, or resources needed for special circumstances, Military OneSource is there for military personnel and their families… 24/7/365! Phone: 1-800-342-9647
    The national OMK site provides information about individual states’ events, programs, and contacts as well as educational resources and information.
    Information and resources related to the partnership between the Military and 4-H.
    Our Military Kids provides tangible support to the children of deployed and severely injured National Guard and Military Reserve personnel through grants for enrichment activities and tutoring that nurture and sustain the children during the time a parent is away in service to our country. OMK grants are made to honor the sacrifices military parents make and to ensure that the children have access to activities and support that help the children better cope with challenges arising during a parent’s deployment or injury recovery.
    This is the site to obtain the application and information about receiving a childcare subsidy.  Families who have a service member deployed and the parent at home is working or in school at least part
    time will receive at least 100.00 off per month per child.  Call NACCRRA’s Betty Underwood (director) for information on how to get this program to military families in WI.  703-341-4115 or 571-303-2315
    American Legion
    Information on all Red Cross military programs available on this site
    The Military Child Education Coalition is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that promotes partnerships and provides for networking of military installations and their supporting school districts.  Their focus is to address transition and other educational issues related to the military-connected child, including active duty, National Guard, and Reserves.  MCEC seeks to include all military installations, their supporting schools, concerned organizations, and caring individuals.
    War affects everyone-not just the service member, but the spouse and children as well. As an organization dedicated to serving military families, the National Military Family Association (NMFA) recognized the need for more resources to support military children. In 2004, the Operation Purple(r) Summer Camp Program was created as a way to help military children struggling with having a parent deployed.
    Talk, Listen, Connect Deployments, Homecomings, Changes. In recognition of the contributions made by the United States Armed Forces, Sesame Workshop presents this bilingual educational outreach initiative designed for military families and their young children to share.  We will gain and maintain employer support for Guard and Reserve service by recognizing outstanding support, increasing awareness of the law, and resolving conflicts through mediation.
    Created as part of the U.S. Department of Defense’s “Financial Readiness Campaign” with the support of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Personnel and Readiness, Military Money magazine reaches an estimated 500,000 readers each quarter through distribution at military bases around the world. Additionally, “Military Money Minute” radio broadcasts are heard daily on American Forces Radio Network and the U.S. Army’s Soldiers Radio and Television Network.
  • Things for military spouses:
    Veterans Employment
    VFW Operation Uplink(tm) program enables military personnel and hospitalized veterans to communicate with their families and loved ones by providing them with a free VFW Operation Uplink phone card.
    According to the Department of Defense, our country has over 700,000 military spouses across all services – 93 percent of whom are women. In addition, almost half are married to enlisted members who make less than $20,000 a year in basic pay.  When you include Reservists the average yearly pay per individual drops much lower. It’s easy to imagine how financial hardship can increase for the spouse and children when the service person is sent overseas.


Working together we can have a strong impact on military families in our own backyard.
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