Cuyahoga County, OH: A Guide to Elder-Friendly Community Building

Located on the Cuyahoga County, Ohio, website is a Guide to Elder-Friendly Community Building. This Guide is organized into three sections:

Section One: The Elder-Friendly Community Building Process

Section Two: The Elder-Friendly Community Indicators

Section Three: Elder-Friendly Community Assessment Tools and Worksheets

For each community, the journey to understand the needs of persons as they age and to build a community that can develop responses to those needs will be unique. The Guide to Elder- Friendly Community Building is intended to provide a framework for collaboration, analysis, and ultimately, consensus, about shaping a community that both values its elders at the same time that it meets the needs of all members of the community. In addition to the social dimensions of community building, the end result is likely to involve municipalities making physical and programmatic changes that address the needs of older adults.