Interactive Online Learning Initiative for Healthy Aging

From 2001 to 2014, The Centers for Disease Control Healthy Aging Research Network (HAN) partnered with a number of stakeholders around the country to identify and address key health needs for healthy aging, with a focus on disadvantaged populations that are more prone to illness and disease. The CDC Healthy Aging Program also funded several core academic centers throughout the country. Strong local, regional and government partnerships were key to the success of the project. The three main objectives of the study were to:

  • better understand the determinants of healthy aging in diverse populations and settings;
  • identify, develop and evaluate programs and policies that promote healthy aging; and
  • translate and disseminate research into effective and sustainable public health programs and policies throughout the nation.

Below are the tools and resources that were developed by HAN.

Environment and Policy Change (EPC) Resources

  1. Introduction to Environmental and Policy Change for Healthy Aging
  2. Optimal Living Environments for Healthy Aging
  3. Integrated Approaches to Mobility
  4. Emerging Environmental Issues in Healthy Aging

Policy, practice, and partnerships will be addressed as well as special issues. Panelists and speakers are national and community experts in aging, planning, policy, universal design, transportation, public health, environmental protection, and community change.

Brain Health Resources

Health Promotion for Older Adults (Primer)