Wisconsin Age Wave

This presentation: The “Age Wave” How prepared is your community? was prepared by Clifton E. Barber, Ph.D (Professor, Department of Human Development and Family Studies, School of Human Ecology, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Program Specialist, Cooperative Extension Family Living Programs, University of Wisconsin-Extension).

The presentation tells the story of older adults in Wisconsin. Contrary to popular belief and stereotype, only a minority of older adults actually move to warmer climates upon retirement.  Most remain in their own homes and communities as they age.   In fact, the majority of people retire where they spend the final years of their career.
Review the presentation and ask:

  1. Is my community a good place to grow up and grow old?
  2. Will my community meet your needs when you are 65, 75, 85, 95…or even 105?
  3. If not, what can I do now to begin to make my community a friendly and supportive environment for persons of all ages?

Wisconsin’s Future Population: Projections for the State, Its Counties and Municipalities, 2010-2040, prepared by David Egan-Robertson of the Applied Population Laboratory at the University of Wisconsin-Madison projects demographic changes by decade.

Overall, 57 of the 72 counties are expected to grow in population of the time period.  Those with anticipated low growth or loss of population are in the northern part of the state.   All the details can be found in the easy to read report, originally prepared for the Wisconsin Department of Administration Demographic Services Center.