Madison WI: Best Cities for Successful Aging

Across the country, leaders are developing exciting solutions to enable successful aging. To shine a light on the best of these programs and encourage new ones, the Milken Institute developed the first Best Cities for Successful Aging index, which measures, compares, and ranks the performance of 359 U.S. metropolitan areas in promoting and enabling successful aging. (All are listed beginning on print page 31.)

Details about the Top 20 large Metro areas and small cities can be found in the report. Madison, WI, is the only Wisconsin city in the top 20 at number 2.  See how Madison and the other cities performed on the eight subcomponents of successful aging (general indicators, health care, wellness, living arrangements, transportation/convenience, financial well-being, employment/education, and community engagement).  Both what they do well and what needs improvement are listed

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