“Livable” Community, what is it and how a county in Iowa is embracing it.

Is your community striving to become a “livable” community or have you heard the phrase “livable community for all”? Livable communities seems to be the catch phrase these days in community planning and design. A “livable” community is a term that reflects a community design in which everyone can age successfully and everyone has the opportunity to flourish in the community.

A community that is defined as “livable” can be characterized by:

  • supportive relationships with family and friends
  • optimal mental and physical health
  • community involvement
  • new learning experiences
  • a sense of purpose and meaning of life

Take a look at the example of Johnson County, Iowa. They have a website which describes how they were able to develop attributes of a livable community for all ages. These attributes include affordable and appropriate housing, supportive community features, and mobility options. Together, these features facilitate personal independence and the engagement of residents in civic and social life.

The website itself represents a useful tool for those residing in Johnson County to learn about the benefits of a livable community for all ages.

Johnson County Livable Community – Information for Successful Aging