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Clean Bay Backers Green Bay Area of ConcernCreating a better future for our communities by restoring the health of the Fox River and Green Bay

The Clean Bay Backers are the Citizen Advisory Committee to the WI DNR for the Lower Green Bay and Fox River AOC.  We are the AOC’s primary connection with the local community and the liaison between the WDNR and the greater community.  The Clean Bay Backer’s primary function is to help develop, provide feedback for project plans and strategies to restore the AOC.  We represent the community’s interest in restoring the natural and economic heritage of the Fox River and Green Bay.

Committee members are a balanced and diverse group representing public, private, and nonprofit sectors of the local community.  Meetings are open to the public. Current contact for the Clean Bay Backers is Julia Noordyk ( or 920-465-2795), with UW Sea Grant.

Our new brand and logo is the Clean Bay Backers.  A cleaner Bay (and lower Fox River) is at the core of the AOC Remedial Action Plan.  Our name is a catchy play on words that connects us to Green Bay, WI.  It evokes loyalty to our water resources, similar to public loyalty for our football team and the Green Bay community.  Our logo was sponsored by Wisconsin Sea Grant.  For our logo, we decided to focus on the image of a kingfisher since it’s a recognizable water bird in our area.  We liked the idea of abstracting the bird and giving it an aquatic, watery appearance, and keeping the overall design clean and pure looking.  The image also reminds us of the Fox River (beak) flowing into the bay and the darker wave shows the general flow of river currents into the bay.

AOC kayak long

Clean Bay Backers include representation from:
Bay-Lake Regional Planning Commission
Brown County Land and Water Conservation Department
Citizen volunteers
City of Green Bay
Ducks Unlimited
East Shore Drive Neighborhood Association
Fox-Wolf Watershed Alliance
K-12 education
League of Women Voters (Lake Michigan Chapter)
NEW Paddlers Association
NEW Water (Green Bay Metropolitan Sewerage District)
University of Wisconsin-Extension
University of Wisconsin–Green Bay
University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
Wisconsin Marine Association

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Group Charter
Clean Bay Backers historical beginnings (link leaves site)

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