Videos and Recorded Presentations


Revitalizing Local Waterfront Economies: The Great Lakes Legacy Act (link leaves site)
A UW Sea Grant produced video from October, 2013.  The Great Lakes, a vital asset to 35 million residents, have a legacy of pollution due to our nation’s industrial past. The Great Lakes Legacy Act revitalizes rivers, lakes, and harbors, known as Areas of Concern, helping to restore lost benefits. This video outlines the Great Lakes Legacy Act and highlights benefits it brings to communities.

Sheboygan River: A Little Patience, A Big Payback Video (link leaves site)
A UW Sea Grant produced video from June, 2012. The clean-up of the Sheboygan River is underway! The benefits to the community will be enormous–but through 2012, some patience will be required. Crews will be working around the clock to dredge the river, clean up contaminated sediment, and restore wildlife habitat

City Desk: Habitat Restoration Projects (link leaves site)
A Sheboygan Community Station production.  Hosted by Dave Agustin.  Interview with Stacy Hron, Wisconsin DNR, about habitat restoration projects associated with the Area of Concern.

City Desk: Dredging Projects (link leaves site)
A Sheboygan Community Station production. Hosted by Dave Augustin. On location interviews with Chad Pelishek from, City of Sheboygan Planning and Development, and Darrell Nickolas, head contractor of Ryba Terra Contractors. Discussion of the Sheboygan River dredging project(s)outlining background, work being done and estimated completion dates.

Recorded Presentations

The following narrated slide presentations will give you an in-depth look at various aspects of the sediment cleanup and fish and wildlife habitat restoration work on the Sheboygan River Area of Concern.

The first two presentations were given at a January 25, 2012, public informaton meeting.  Each presentation is 17 minutes long.

The following nine presentations were given at Sheboygan River Fish and Wildlife Technical Advisory Committee meetings, with most of them first presented in April 2012.