2011 New AARP Study on Caregiving

Family support is critical to remaining in one’s home and in the community, but often comes at substantial costs to caregivers themselves, to their families, and to society.  A new study by the AARP estimates that for the more than 40 million Americans caring for an elderly or disabled loved one, the value of their work is $450 billion a year.

On the AARP website you will find the full study (28 pages) titled, “Valuing the Invaluable:  2011 Update The Growing Contributions and Costs of Family Caregiving” in pdf form.  Also provided is a Fact Sheet that presents highlights from the report, such as the value of family caregivers.  The Fact Sheet includes a table  with the number of caregivers and the economic value of caregiving by state. According to the study the economic value of caregiving in Wisconsin is $5,800 million.