What Employers Need to Know – Impact of Advanced Illness on the Workplace

A toolkit for members from the National Business Group on Health was created to give benefit professionals and senior executives a broad overview of the multifaceted challenges both employees and employers are encountering due to changing demographics.

Baby boomers are staying in the workforce for longer periods due to rising health costs and economic uncertainty. At the same time, this post-World War II generation is positioned to assist those now needing care. A recent study found that 73% of caregivers were employed at some time while they were providing care to a family member.  As a result absenteeism and diminished on-the-job productivity, resulting from workers providing care to family members, will play a greater role in corporate well-being.

In addition to access to the toolkit, The National Business Group on Health lists their benefits of membership:

  • Provides creative, practical, immediate and long-term solutions to the nation’s most pressing health benefits challenges.
  • Serves as the national voice of large employers on health benefits issues.
  • Links large employers with Washington.
  • Offers members opportunities to benchmark with peers and share best practices.
  • Energizes the health and productivity debate and helps drive national policy on these issues.