Employer Best Practices for Workers with Caregiving Responsibilities

This document, published online by the US Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) provides best practices that employers may adopt to reduce the chance of EEO violations against caregivers, and to remove barriers to equal employment opportunity.  The entire document (of approximately 8 pages) is footnoted with the sources for the statements made.

In general the EEOC advises:

  • Be aware of, and train managers about, the legal obligations that may impact decisions about treatment of workers with caregiving responsibilities.
  • Develop, disseminate, and enforce a strong EEO policy.
  • Ensure that managers at all levels are aware of, and comply with, the organization’s work-life policies.
  • Respond to complaints of caregiver discrimination efficiently and effectively.
  • Protect against retaliation.

The EEOC also provides advice related to Recruitment, Hiring and Promotions as well as guidance related to Terms, Conditions, and privileges of Employment.