Great Lakes Coastal Quests

Explore the rich natural and cultural history of the Great Lakes coasts in Wisconsin!

In collaboration with Wisconsin Sea Grant, we developed a series of virtual and interactive tours of Wisconsin coastal cities that feature natural, historical, and cultural assets of the area. These tours were developed using ArcGIS StoryMap to enhance the Wisconsin Coastal Guide and aim to:

  • increase awareness of natural, cultural, and historical coastal issues both locally and statewide
  • increase access to the relevant and on-going coastal issues for both local and non-local participants
  • engage all of Wisconsin and help develop Wisconsin’s identity as a coastal state
  • bridge virtual and in-person experiences using a novel approach to place-based learning

The Great Lakes Quests contain interactive educational components including links to external content, inquiry-based questions, and quizzes. Each correct quiz answer reveals a clue that spells a final word that’s significant to the coastal city. Learn how to Quest using a video tutorial here.

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