Scrapie IDs for Goat and Sheep Due July 4!


As part of the WI State Animal Requirements for Fairs, the Fond du Lac County Fair is required to have a list of all sheep and goats exhibited at the county fair with an official ID and Scrapie tag. To minimize the need for paperwork at the fair, please complete the form at, under the link “2021 Goat/Sheep ID”.  The form needs to be completed and return by July 4.

Official ID can be one of these ways:
  • An official 840 tag  (same 840 16-digit number on RFID tag for market animals or meat goats tagged for the fair or other 840 tag)
  • Scrapie tag (example: State abbreviation of origin and Scrapie flock premise number (WI222)).
  • Registration papers with Scrapie ID tattoo listed on papers. Provide a copy of the registration paper with this form.
  • Tattoo within the ear or web of tail

All intact male animals, ewes, does, and castrated males (wethers) 12 months and older must have a Scrapie tag with the Scrapie Premise ID.  Please note, Scrapie Premise is different from the Livestock Premise ID. Scrapie premise ID is a flock number with the state abbreviation of origin and the Scrapie flock number (example WI 222).

For additional information regarding the Scrapie ID requirement, please call the Fair Office at 920.929.3168 or Goat/Sheep Superintendent Vicky Tonn at or 920.517.7743.

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