Comparison of Cool-Season Grasses by Grazing Intake & Palatability

Grazing intake yields and palatability of cool-season grasses as tested in University of Wisconsin field trials, 1996 to present

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aIntake reported as percent of season intake, based on difference between before-graze and after-graze pasture plate measurements
bPALAT.=Palatability rating 0=0%, 1=20%, 2=40%, 3=60%, 4=80%, 5=100% grazed
spacePalatability of grasses under grazing is determined by visual estimation of percent defoliation of plots
spaceThe visual determination is made midway during mob grazing by beef cows of the grass plots for intake determination.
*A high beta means more consistent season-long intake; a more negative beta means higher percentage of intake in first grazing period.
**Winter Survival: 1=superior, 2=good, 3=average, 4=poor, 5=none