Red Clover


Variety Selection Pest Management
Establishment & Management Environmental Effects
Fertilization Forage Quality & Feeding

Variety Selection

University of Wisconsin Forage Variety Performance Results
This link takes you to results from the most recent UW  forage variety testing information.  It is viewable or downloadable as a .pdf file via this link. Red clover varieties are tested at Prairie du Sac.

Establishment & Management

Getting a Good Forage Stand                          
A “Focus on Forage” fact sheet written by Dan Undersander, UW-Extension Forage Agronomist

Red Clover Harvest Management
by Dan Wiersma, former Marshfield Ag Research Station Asst. Supt..  A “Focus on Forage” fact sheet.

Red Clover – Establishment, Management and Utilization 
UW Extension Bulletin A3492

Frost Seeding of Forages
by Dan Undersander, UW Extension Forage Agronomist

Frost Seeding Forages into Established Pastures
by Mike Rankin, Extension Crops and Soils Agent – Fond du Lac County, et. al.

White Clover for Wisconsin Pastures
by Ken Albrecht, University of Wisconsin, and Derek Woodfield, AgResearch New Zealand


Nutrient Application Guidelines for Field, Vegetable and Fruit Crops
UW Extension Bulletin A2809 – available for viewing only in a .pdf format.  Provides current soil test and fertilizer recommendations for all field crops (including red clover).

Pest Management

Pest Management in Wisconsin Field Crops
UW Extension Bulletin A3646 – available for viewing only in a .pdf format.  Extensive pest management information is contained in this bulletin relative to weed, insect, and disease identification and control.  The bulletin is updated annually.

Root and Crown Rots and Virus Diseases of Alfalfa and Clover
by Dean Malvick, Asst. Professor Plant Pathology, Dept. of Crop Sciences, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Environmental Effects

How to Manage Hail Damaged Alfalfa and Red Clover
by Dan Undersander and Dan Wiersma, University of Wisconsin Forage Agronomists

Forage Quality & Feeding

Red Clover Forages for Lactating Dairy Cows
by Pat Hoffman (emeritus), UW-Extension Dairy Scientist, and Glen Broderick, USDA Dairy Forage Resource Center.  A “Focus on Forage” fact sheet.

Performance of Lactating Dairy Cows Fed Red Clover or Alfalfa Silage  
by Pat Hoffman (emeritus), UW Extension Dairy Scientist, Marshfield Ag Research Station

Sampling Hay, Silage, and Total Mixed Rations for Analysis
UW Extension Bulletin A2309

Making Forage Analysis Work for You in Balancing Livestock Rations and Marketing Hay
UW Extension Bulletin A3325

 by Dan Undersander, UWEX Agronomy Advice, April 1993

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