Take a few minutes to view the following recordings that highlight various aspects of the project.

Project Wrap Up Webinar

This webinar was recorded on December 4, 2015.  While the current funding has expired, there is a need to continue with additional phases of the project.  The webinar featured Dr. Val Klump, Dr. Kevin Fermanich, Paul Baumgart, and Ed Verhamme discussing various aspects of the project. Links to the presentations used during the webinar can be found on the Presentations page.

The following three recordings were done in September, 2015, and highlight the main components of this project.

Project Overview

Dr. Val Klump and Dr. Kevin Fermanich discuss the main components of the project in this overview video.


Green Bay Ecosystem Model Development

Ed Verhamme, with project partner LimnoTech, discusses the Green Bay ecosystem model that was developed during this project.


Management Analysis Tool

Dr. Dan Rucinski, LimnoTech engineer, outlines the Management Analysis Tool (MAT) that was developed to present model outputs to users of the information.