24th Seminar for the Serious Horse Owner: Equine Nutrition

Saturday, February 22
8:50 am – 4:15 pm
UW-Madison, Ebling Symposium Auditorium
Program Early Bird registration before 2/2/2014

The goal of this program is to provide insight on the nutritional needs of your horse

  • Body Weight & Body Condition Scoring Liv Sandberg WI State Equine Extension Specialist
  • Hay & Matching to Your Horse’s Needs Craig Sandmire Equine Nutrition Specialist, Doctors
  • Recognizing the Normal Plants in Hay & Pasture Mark Renz, UWEx Weed Specialist
  • The Laws about Horse Neglect & the Laws for Removing Horses Tricia Meinhoz Founder, Walk on Stride on Animal Rescue
  • Cushing’s Disease & Equine Metabolic Syndrome Sarah Jacob, DVM Michigan State University