Stateline Equine Education Program set for Saturday, February 21, 2015 – Kenosha County UW-Extension

Attached below is the program brochure and save the date information for the upcoming annual equine conference held in Southeast WI. Some of you may remember this as the “Bi-State Horse Program” but it has recently been renamed as the “Stateline Equine Education Program”. This program will be held on Saturday February 21st 2015 at the Kenosha County Center in Bristol, WI. The focus of this program is on Facility Design and Management. Please promote and share with those who may be interested in attending.

Registration for this event can be done online at or can be mailed in to the Kenosha County Extension Center. Registration questions can be directed to Leigh Presley and content questions can be directed to Liv Sandberg or Kristine Ely

  2015 Stateline Horse Brochure

 2015 Stateline Save the Date