Burnie’s Rock Shop


Store Name Burnie’s Rock Shop
A precious corner-stone of the East Johnson Street Neighborhood.

Business Type Misc. (Galleries, Florists, Pets)

NAICS Code 0

Location 901 E. Johnson Street, Madison, WI 53703

Nearby Businesses U-Frame It, Company of Thieves, Glitter Workshop, Studio 924, Supreme Pizza, Studio Bloom, Spruce Tree, Jade Mountain Bead Company, Cork ‘N Bottle, Mildred’s Sandwich Shop

Owner/Manager Nevin Franke

Special Store Activities Sidewalk sales, Gallery Night with MMoCA, and regional gem and mineral shows

Year Opened 1963

Website http://www.burniesrockshop.com/

Phone (608) 251-2601

E-mail burniesrocks@earthlink.net

Community Profile Madison, WI Community Profile: Population of City – 208,054. Population of 10-mile ring – 314,928. The City of Madison is located in the south-central part of Wisconsin, between lakes Monona and Mendota. Madison is renowned for its beautiful scenery, parks, small town charm, and urban culture. Madison is also home to the University of Wisconsin and the State Capitol.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Burnie’s sells a wide variety of products including: 14-Karat and sterling silver, custom jewelry, unique gems, stones, and gifts. Semiprecious stone beads and precious stone beads are some of the most popular products for Burnie’s Rock Shop. Serving as the only lapidary in Madison, Burnie’s has a vast selection of ornamental stone, fossil and mineral specimens, complete with an extensive selection of books and lapidary equipment for the hobbyist or collector. Burnie’s employs four metalsmiths and operates the Design Annex where customers can go to have custom pieces created. In addition, the store sells hand-made, inlaid marble boxes and tabletops from India, hand-made marble paintings, copperware from Mexico and crystalline glazed porcelain.

Market Segments Served

Burnie’s is a destination store for the East Johnson Street neighborhood in Madison, Wisconsin. Often customers will travel from out of state for unique pieces and services offered by Burnie’s. On the weekends Burnie’s sees a lot of UW alumni patrons coming to visit from Chicago and other parts of Wisconsin that became familiar with the store’s offerings while students

Contributions to the Business Community

Burnie’s considers itself and ally to other stores in the East Johnson Street neighborhood, they frequently refer people to other business, particularly Jade Mountain Bead Store. They also offer appraisals and watch-work referrals for other stores in Madison.