Little Swiss Clock Shop


Store Name Little Swiss Clock Shop

Business TypeFurniture anf Home Furnishing Stores

NAICS Code 442

Location 270 W Main Street, Waukesha, WI 53186

Nearby Businesses Frank’s Sewing Center, Horse Emporium, Waukesha Civic Theater

Owner/Manager Karen White

Special Store Activities Participation in Downtown Business Association and Business Improvement District events that include Friday Night Live and Holiday Inspirations. Conducts classes or presents special displays to bring people in to the shop.

Year Opened 1968


Phone (262) 547-2111


Community Profile Waukesha (population: 64,825, 10-mile radius: 285,069) is located 15 miles west of Milwaukee at the edge of the Milwaukee Metropolitan Area and is the seat of Waukesha County. Founded in 1846, Waukesha has maintained much of its historic downtown, and is nearby Old World Wisconsin, a 600-acre national historic site displaying regional pioneer life. Waukesha was once known for its famous “healing waters” flowing from natural springs in the area.

Products Sold & Niche Developed

Retail sales and service of specialty wall clocks, mantel clocks, grandfather clocks, and watches. Little Swiss Clock Shop niche is their large selection, and their specialty clocks and expert service set them apart from department stores and big box retailers. A full-time watch maker is on staff. Little Swiss Clock Shop has a large selection of one of a kind pieces. Little Swiss Clock Shop restores antique watches and antique grandfather clocks.

Market Segments Served

Little Swiss Clock Shop features name brand and specialty clocks and watches. Largest selection of one of a kind pieces. Little Swiss Clock Shop advertises to the entire Metropolitan Milwaukee area using radio and television as a medium. They take advantage of downtown events that bring people downtown from outside their market area by remaining open during these events.

Contributions to the Business Community

Owner Karen White is involved in the both the Downtown Business Association and Downtown Waukesha Business Improvement District. The Little Swiss Clock Shop building has had several previous uses, including a furniture store, butcher shop, women’s clothing store, and automotive parts store.

Review by Joshua Clements, UW Extension CCED