About Us

Leadership Waupaca County (LWC), established in 1999, is is dedicated to developing civic-minded volunteer leaders and public officials who are committed to the future of Waupaca County and its communities. The LWC leadership development program is conducted over a period of nine months consisting of seven one-day workshops, one overnight seminar in Madison, and a formal graduation.

LWC participants engage in a process of learning, discovery, and practice that empowers them to become better leaders in their professions, community organizations, and governments. Program objectives include:

  1. Develop and strengthen personal and interpersonal effectiveness and decision making skills (including conflict resolution, public speaking, and public writing)
  2. Build organizational and community leadership skills
  3. Expose participants to a broad range of issues that sometimes challenge personal paradigms
  4. Provide confidence to become more active community members
  5. Generally, prepare participants for positions of influence and decision making

Steering Committee Members

Jessica Beckendorf (Program Director)

Paul Bellile (Waupaca County Highway Department)


Jennifer Greenwood (Sturm Foods)



Sue Mares (Premier Community Bank (ret), Human Resources)

Dave Neumann (Waupaca County Board Representative)


David Stelzner (Presto Products)

Al Tank (Dairy Farmer)

Penny Tank (UW-Madison Extension Waupaca County 4-H Program Educator)