eXtension Liquid Manure Application and Irrigation Equipment

eXtension Manure Pathogens and Microbial Byproducts

eXtension Air Quality Regulations for Animal Agriculture

eXtension Fact Sheet on Air Quality Regulations and Animal Agriculture

extension State Specific Manure Nutrient Management Information

Spray Drift Task Force Website

Wisconsin Admin Code NR 214: Land Treatment of Industrial Liquid Wastes, By-Product Solids and Sludges

Wisconsin Admin Code NR 243: Animal Feeding Operations


A Summary of Chemigation Application Studies (PDF, 625K)

A Summary of Tank Mix and Nozzle Effects on Droplet Size (PDF, 325K)

Drift Filtration by Natural and Artificial Collectors: A Literature Review (PDF, 40K)

[Spray] tips for increasing your producer’s bottom line (PDF, 2.1MB)

TeeJet Technical Irrigation Information (PDF, 2MB)

PennStateExt_PSU_2006_The Fate of Nutrients and Pathogens During _Anaerobic Digestion of Dairy Manure_G71 (PDF, 890K)

PennStateExtension_PSU_2008_ManureIrrigationF254 (PDF, 1.3MB)

ASABE_2006_Pathogens in Animal Wastes and Impacts of Waste Management Practices (PDF, 700K)

US EPA Office of Water 2013 Literature review of contaminants in livestock and poultry manure and implications for water quality (PDF, 1.6MB)


Representative photos of manure irrigation equipment from, sources unknown.

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