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Responding to stress: connecting rural communities with resources to recognize and manage stress

Ongoing economic conditions in agriculture are taking a toll on farm families and their rural communities. Extension resources help farmers, families, businesses and communities remain resilient by learning how to manage stress by recognizing and working to positively address, not avoid, the causes of stress. Resources include planning tools to make sound decisions and create a road-map for the future.


Extension: Couples encouraged to check their credit reports together

Knowing your spouse or partner’s credit history is as important as knowing your own. When in a relationship, your partner’s credit can become a source of stress and may affect your ability to secure a home or auto loan. Establishing regular times for couples to check and review their credit reports together is an important part of sharing finances. Extension’s “Check Your Free Credit Report: 2/2, 6/6, 10/10” campaign makes it easier to remember to order a free credit report.


SWIGG Study Completes the First Phase

The Southwest Wisconsin Groundwater and Geology Study (SWIGG) of Grant, Iowa, and Lafayette Counties completed its first objective this spring: to assess the extent of well contamination in the three counties.