Ordering Study Materials

*Agricultural Commodity

Means any plant or part of a plant, animal or animal product produced by a person primarily for sale, consumption, propagation, or other use by humans or animals. “Agricultural commodity” includes industrial hemp. [ 94.67(2) ]

Before you order your study materials, you first need to figure out whether you are a Commercial or a Private applicator. A Private applicator is someone who applies pesticides to produce an Agricultural Commodity* (e.g., corn, soybeans, cattle, etc.) on land they or their employer owns or controls. Essentially this is a farmer or someone who works on a farm (although it also includes greenhouses and nurseries, fish farms, production forests and other operations that produce agricultural commodities).

Commercial applicator is anyone who does not fit the definition of a private applicator. That could be, for example, someone applying pesticides to people’s lawns (they are NOT producing an agricultural commodity) or someone working for a Co-op applying pesticides to farms for pay (but they are NOT applying the pesticides on land they, or their employer owns).

The ordering options for Commercial and Private applicators are different. Click here for Commercial Applicator or here for Private Applicator.

We CAN NOT take credit card orders over the phone.
Because manuals can not be resold, there are no refunds on manuals that have been issued.
If you order before 2:00 pm you will likely receive your order in two to four business days.

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