Private Applicators

*Agricultural Commodity

Means any plant or part of a plant, animal or animal product produced by a person primarily for sale, consumption, propagation, or other use by humans or animals. “Agricultural commodity” includes industrial hemp. [ 94.67(2) ]

**Restricted-Use Pesticide

RUPs have the potential to cause unreasonable adverse effects to the environment and injury to applicators or bystanders without added restrictions. Only a certified applicator can apply a Restricted-Use Pesticide. [ EPA information on RUPs ]


Be aware that due to COVID-19, counties may not be selling the training materials or providing private applicator certification exams. If you are a private applicator and need to get certified please contact the UW PAT Program for options.

A Private Pesticide Applicator is a person who uses pesticides to produce an agricultural commodity* on property they or their employer owns or controls. Private applicators only legally need to be certified if they want to use a Restricted-Use Pesticide**.

To become certified in Wisconsin you start by purchasing the training registration (comes with printed manual).  You should purchase that training registration from your local county Extension office. You may also purchase it online at the PAT Store using a credit card. Not sure if you are a Commercial or Private applicator? Go to the Certification page to get more information.

As a Private Applicator you can either self-study on your own and schedule a test with a participating county Extension office or attend a Private Applicator Training program (which are hosted by county Extension offices).  Contact your local county Extension office for details and the nearest training in your region.

Want to pay be check? Download the Private Mail Order Form and mail in.


Unfortunately we CAN NOT take credit card orders over the phone.
Due to the fact that manuals can not be resold, there are no refunds on manuals that have been issued.
If you order before 2:00 pm you will likely receive your order in one to two business days.