Private Applicator Training Sessions

Private Applicator Training / Review Sessions

Private Applicators can get certified in three categories: General Farming, Fruits Crops or Greenhouse & Nursery.

As a Private Applicator you have to receive the training materials and get certified by passing the private applicator test if you use Restricted-Use Pesticides (RUPs). If you are not going to use RUPs then you do not need to be certified. To receive training and certification, purchase and study one of the above Private Applicator Training manuals from your County Extension office or you can buy it from the PAT Store and do one of the two options below:

1) Study on your own and the take the certification exam at your County Extension office or,

2) Go to a training session offered by your or neighboring County Extension Office. The exam will be given at the end of the training session.  There is now an online option that can be done in place of attending a County Extension training.

To register for the General Farming online training or a Zoom training select the option you want.

Is there a training in my county? Check the calendar below or contact your County Extension Office.

Private Applicator Training Schedule:

If you can take advantage of it, there is an online training course.  Once registered you can take the training at any time. Once the training is completed you will receive a “Completion Receipt” that you will show the test proctor to have your test scored as if attending a training.  You will have to attend the full training and enter code words (given during the training) at the end of the training.  Private applicators seeking Fruit Crops and Greenhouse & Nursery can take the General Farming training and take the Fruit Crops or Greenhouse & Nursery test to get certified in those categories. You must have purchased the training fee with manual to register for online training.

To register, go to the PAT Store – General Farming.

Several Zoom Webinar Training in General Farming will be provided during the training season (Jan to April). Registration will be required to attend and get a completed training receipt to provide to the test proctor.  Once registered, you will receive a Zoom invite a few days before the Webinar.

  • To be announced late 2022

View the calendar below for in-person training events near you.

Please be aware that UW Extension will have to abide by the rules of the University of Wisconsin and their County regarding in-person events. You do not need to attend a training; the self-study option is available to get certified.