Plans of Work

In Extension, a plan of work is a document that serves as a guide for program planning, implementation, and evaluation over a specific period of time. The Plan of Work guidance document can be found at the Planning and Recording Portal. Here are some resources for doing program planning and putting a Plan of Work together.

Situation Statement

  • Demographic Data Resources created by Applied Population Laboratory & Dept. of Youth, Family, and Community Development leaders and specialists.
  • Summary of Findings from Wisconsin Extension’s 2018 Statewide Situational Analysis
  • Access data resources that were identified and curated during Extension’s 2018 statewide situational analysis here
    • You can filter the columns to more easily find resources that are relevant to your work.
    • If the hyperlink to the resource isn’t working due to our Google Drive transition, you can contact the educator who found the resource (their email is included in spreadsheet).

Writing Outcomes & Action Plan

To consider while developing programs:

Fitting it all together

  • Logic Model Template – note, a logic model can be a helpful tool to visualize various components of your plan of work, understand how the different pieces fit together, and help guide evaluation