Map of Programs and Resources

This site brings together educational programs and resources offered by University Extension programs nationwide. No single Extension program offers a comprehensive approach to downtown revitalization, nor replicates the comprehensive “four-point” Main Street approach. However, they do provide specialization in various disciplines of importance to Main Street and other downtown development organizations.
This site is intended to be a resource to Extension educators seeking to share and learn from other educators around the country who work to improve the resiliency and vibrancy of their downtowns. It is also intended to serve downtown professionals, including Main Street executives, who seek additional depth in specific topics.
The inventory of programs and resources is segmented into nine categories of topics that are relevant to downtown development. These include business development, customer service, leadership and organization, marketing, place-making and design, planning, real estate and financing, research, and tourism. Programs and resources can be searched by topic name, by state, or by keyword. Extension educators around the country are encouraged to add their programs if not already listed.
Finally, this website provides examples of downtown success stories throughout the Midwest. These success stories illustrate various practices employed to create resilient and vibrant downtowns.
This project has been funded by the North Central Regional Center for Rural Development in cooperation with Extension in Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
Questions can be directed to Bill Ryan, Center for Community and Economic Development, University of Wisconsin – Extension. bill.ryan@uwex.edu