An important part of offering healthy food at your food pantry is making sure the food is safe to eat. Learn more about what your food pantry can do to promote food safety.



As more Wisconsinites turn to food pantries to meet their food needs, it is more important than ever that food pantries consider their role in supporting the health and well being of clients.

The Safe & Healthy Food Pantries Project was developed to provide food pantries with guidance on how to improve the nutritional quality and safety of their food inventories.

The full project guide offers food pantries with the opportunity to learn the latest research, assess their current practices, review strategies, and develop an action plan to improve the nutrition and safety of the foods they provide to families.

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The food pantry can support clients in making the healthy choice the easy choice. Learn more about what your pantry can do to give your food pantry a healthy boost.


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Suggested citation: * Canto, A., B. Ingham, S. Larson, J Park-Mroch, & J. Gauley. (2018). Safe & Healthy Food Pantries Project. Madison: University of Wisconsin-Madison, Division of Extension.