4-H Ambassadors are 4-H members who promote Waushara County 4-H to new 4-H families, local residents, public officials and community groups.  Audiences can include any individual or group interested in learning more about 4-H!

The goals of the Ambassadors

  • Promote the 4-H Program
  • Foster a positive image of 4-H in the county
  • Encourage support for 4-H from community leaders and public officials
  • Provide leadership and public relations experience for older 4-H members
  • Encourage families to get involved in 4-H

How do I become an Ambassador? 

The 4-H Ambassador Application form shares information on what is expected and what we would like to  know about you as a potential Ambassador. Please read this form and fill out the bottom portion to apply. Once your application has been received, your leader will receive the Leader Recommendation form to fill out.  Your completed application should be turned into the UW-Extension office by December 16th.

 Online Forms for Current Members:

Activity Report Form:  To be completed by at least one participant after each event or activity Ambassadors participate in.   Form can be e-mailed to 4-H Advisor or Educator or brought to the next Ambassador meeting and turned in.  If the reporter did not attend the event, a copy should be given to them also so they can include the activity in their monthly update.

Activity Report (Fillable)                                    Activity Report (PDF)


Officer Forms

Meeting Minutes (PDF)            Attendance Record (PDF)




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