Record Books & Awards

What is a Record Book?

The 4-H record book is a summary of everything that you did in 4-H during the past year.

Why do a record book?

  • 4-H records help you to learn how to keep recordswhich is something you will need to do throughout your life
  • Records help you to set goals and evaluate your progress in acheiving them

Record Book Awards

Waushara County 4-H members are eligible for record book awards based on goals and accomplishments reported in their record book.   The county has 3 types of older member recognition awards; Project awards, Special Awards, and Career Awards.  Descriptions of all awards can be found here Record Books Awards and Recognition

Record Book Resources

Record Book Pages – copies of the pages that should be included in a record book and also the cloverbud book

Older Member Recognition – a description and nomination forms for the older member recognition awards

Club Record Book Pages – copies of the pages that should be included in the club record book

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