Calf-Catcher for processing new-born calves

Amy Radunz, UW Beef Extension Specialist and Zen Miller, Outagamie UW Extension Ag Agent went on a farm visit last summer to the Oneida Nation’s beef operation.  We found something interesting on the visit, a homemade calf-catcher to improve safety of their herdsman at calving.  This tractor attachment allows the herdsman to process the calves safely at calving.   So Zen went back at calving to capture some video of the calf-catcher at work and you will find the footage in the video below.  We have also developed plans for you to build your own and posted some additional pictures below.  This is a great tool especially for cows calving in a on relatively flat pasture, but it may not be an option for cows housed in steeper, rougher pastures.   Tagging and processing calves after they been born can be dangerous work, so this is one solution to keep you safe and keep your calves healthy.

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