First and foremost, WHPE provides a strong background for homeowners to recognize the benefits and responsibilities of owning and maintaining a home, as well as the fundamentals of the Wisconsin Foreclosure process. By better understanding these processes, a homeowner will have a more concrete understanding of their options in a crisis.

To use WHPE, visit the topic sections to the left and download the chapters, which include:

  1. Overview – a description of the learning objectives and core competencies of the WHPE curriculum
  2. Budgeting Basics – learn how tracking income, debts, and expenses and creating a spending plan can save money
  3. Making Ends Meet – supplementing your income through benefit programs, tax credits, and tax filing
  4. Credit Management & Counseling – learn the ins and outs of credit, how it is tracked, and how to repair bad credit
  5. Understanding Default & Foreclosure – what happens after you miss a payment and the legal process of foreclosure
  6. Keeping Organized – how long should you keep your files and records?
  7. Maintaining Your Home – shedding light on the different aspects of owning a home
  8. Refinancing – a key way to help minimize your debts, particularly your mortgage

Hopefully this curriculum is able to provide the knowledge and resources needed to support families at risk of foreclosure and help save and preserve many Wisconsin homes.

The WHPE Curriculum Design Team – University of Wisconsin-Madison Division of Extension