Making Ends Meet

The downloadable winter 2010 Making Ends Meet, (PDF) and Making Ends Meet PowerPoint presentation, (PDF), (as PDF with notes).

Financial troubles are not pleasant, but you are not alone. Others are in situation and many have been in your situation in the past.

There are many programs available to help individuals who are struggling to make ends meet. Understanding what is available in terms of assistance can be of tremendous help in getting you on your feet.

The goals of this chapter are:

  1. To show you some of the resources that may be available if you income has dropped.
  2. To highlight some of the benefit and assistance programs currently available to low-income individuals.
  3. To explain how money can be saved through tax credits and the tax filing process.

Take-away messages:

  1. There is help out there for people who have economic hardship.
  2. Thousands of WI families use forms of public support. Don’t feel embarrassed if it can help you.
  3. Programs can have complicated details. Be patient and take time to learn your options.