Assessing the impact and cost of development – November 2007

November 28 , 2007 @ T. Menasha, Topic: Assessing the Impact and Cost of Development

**** Please note that all methodologies have their assumptions. Keep in mind the words of statistician George Box, “All models are wrong, some are useful.”

Assessing the Impact and Cost of Development – Brief Summary of key points

American Farmland Trust Fact Sheet on Cost of Community Services methodology

An easy to read and understand introduction to Fiscal Impact Analysis in Land Use Planning, developed by the Natural Resources Defense Council

Community Guide to Development Impact Analysis – an on-line how-to manual for Wisconsin communitites.

Sample Fiscal impact memo from Town of Menasha, September 2007

More Reading…..

Urban Growth, Rural Land Conversion and the Fiscal Well-Being of Local Municipalities, by Steve Deller, UW-Madison, Department of Agriculture and Applied Economics. A 22-page staff paper that describes the various methodologies used to determine fiscal impact, provides a historical perspective, and compares and contrasts five development scenarios using an input-output economic model. If you’re willing to skim through a little bit of math in this paper, it really provides a thorough review of the pros, cons and assumptions about fiscal impact modeling.

The Cost of Community Services in the Towns of Gibraltar and Nasewaupee, Door County, WI, by Mary Edwards. A study sponsored by the Door County Environmental Council and the Door County Land Trust.

The Metro Area Impact of Home Building in Appleton, WI, 2012 study by the Valley Home Builders Association. Please be aware that this study uses a very different economic model than the ones described in the resources above.


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