Lot Sizes – August 2015

Lot Sizes – August 2015

Discussion Outline Aug 26 2015 Lot Sizes handout (pdf)

Chart of Lot Sizes in Winnebago County, WI  (pdf)

Winnebago County general Zoning ordinance chart, pages 8-22 to 8-27

Town of Nepeuskun A-2 District standard – page 5-19 – example of a density based policy

Center for Land Use Education Factsheet Series on Plan Implementation Tools:

Land Use Tracker article on Comparing Zoning Systems Through Spatial Modeling, Fall 2011, page 7

Land Use Tracker article on Landowner attitudes towards development threats, Winter 2014 – this is a nice look at people’s views of different lot sizes and development patterns.  pages 1-4

Land Use Tracker Article – Managing Rural Residential Development, Spring 2002

Land Use Tracker Article – Regulating Rural Land Division at the Town Level, Spring 2006

Well Water for Rural Residential Subdivision, WGNHS research article

Wisconsin Land Use Megatrends, Summer 2015