YGP Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I can’t attend a committee meeting?
Youth are expected to attend all committee meetings, but we understand that conflicts may arise. If you will be unable to attend a committee meeting, notify your mentor, committee chairperson, and YGP facilitator, as soon as possible.

As a youth representative, how many committee meetings may I miss?
To maintain a position in the program, all youth must attend at least 75% of their regularly scheduled committee meetings and have no more than three (3) absences without notice. If you will be unable to attend a meeting, you should contact your mentor, committee chairperson, and YGP facilitator, as soon as possible. Following this protocol will assign your absence as an absence with notice.

Where and when are my committee meetings held?
Most committees meet in the City-County Building in downtown Madison. However, other committees meet elsewhere (notably Public Works & Transportation and Environment, Agriculture, & Natural Resources). Committees generally meet at the same place and time every month, but dates and locations may change. You will receive email communications about the dates and locations of meetings. Talk to your mentor or the chair of your committee if you have any questions or concerns about meeting schedules or locations.

Is there a dress code for committees?
Each committee is unique and committees may differ on this issue. In general, wear business-casual attire to your committee meetings (no jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.). If it is clear that your committee is casual, it is okay to dress more casually. Just remember, it is important to make a good first impression and to maintain that impression throughout the year.

Do I really get to vote?
Youth are permitted to vote on all motions made at committee meetings. On roll call votes (which means each person’s name is called and votes are recorded individually), you will vote before county board members vote, to avoid any unintended influence by adult members. The youth vote is recorded in the minutes for the record, but is a non-binding advisory vote.

What if I don’t understand what’s going on?
If you find yourself confused or unsure, you can ask clarifying questions during the meeting. You are not expected to be an expert on the topic and it’s okay to ask questions. If you don’t feel comfortable speaking up during the meeting, talk with your mentor outside of the meeting and ask him/her to explain the situation. It is far better to ask questions right away than to go through a meeting confused and not contributing.

What do I call the committee members?
You can address the committee members as “Supervisor” or “Supervisor (last name).” When addressing the Chair, you can call him/her “Mr./Ms. Chair” or “Chairman/woman (last name).”

For more information contact Ely Moya at moya.ely@countyofdane.com

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