Iowa County Junior and Senior Teams top 2014 State 4-H Livestock Contest

The State 4-H Livestock Judging Contest was held on Monday, July 28 at the Arlington Public Events Center.  There were nine senior teams and ten junior teams that participated.  The contest consisted of evaluating classes of market and breeding beef, market and breeding swine, market and breeding sheep and Boer goats, as well as answer questions and deliver reasons.  These teams qualified for the state contest by being top teams at the district Area Animal Science Days that were held around the state in June.

The top three teams in the Senior Division will go on to represent Wisconsin at a National Judging Contest this fall.   A team from Iowa County took top honors in the senior division.  Team Members included:  Erica Thomas, Morgan Fitzsimmons, Boone Schmitz and Reid Suddeth. They are coached by Jeff Thomas.  The second place senior team was Waukesha County.  Team members include:  Heidi Tremaine, Mason Rosciezewski, Alexa Roscizewski and Ceara Cull.  They are coached by Karen Tremaine.  Third place team was:  Sheboygan County, Jared Beck, Kim Beck, Ashley Beck and Sarah Lillesand.  Fourth Place:  Manitowoc County, Michaela Remiker, Anatole Wiering, Vanessa Roberts, and Megan Greif.  Fifth Place:  Jefferson County, Alexis Timmel, Ryan Isacsen and Jon Troiola.

The top ten senior individual judges:  1st:  Heidi Tremaine, Waukesha, 2nd: Erica Thomas, Iowa, 3rd: Hannah Taylor, Columbia, 4th: Morgan Fitzsimmons, Iowa, 5th: Boone Schmitz, Iowa, 6th: Michaela Remiker, Manitowoc, 7th: Reid Suddeth, Iowa, 8th: Jared Beck, Sheboygan, 9th: Kim Beck, Sheboygan, and 10th: Rylee Black, Polk.

The top reasons team was Waukesha County.  Team members include: Heidi Tremaine, Mason Roscizewski, Alexa Roscizewski and Ceara Cull.  The top five reasons individuals were:  Heidi Tremiane, Waukesha; Hannah Taylor, Columbia, Erica Thomas, Iowa, Reid Suddeth, Iowa, Mason Roscizewski, Waukesha.

The top beef was Iowa County; top sheep team was Iowa County and top swine team was Iowa County.

The top junior team was from Iowa County #1.  Team members were:  Logan Schmitz, Brady Palzkill, Haakon Schriefer, Cade Steffes and coached by Jeff Thomas.  The second place junior team was Marathon County.  Team members include:  Stephanie Witberler, Kailen Smerchek, Malorie Schmoll, and Hunter Falkowski.  Third Place:  Columbia County:  Zachary Mickelson, Justin Taylor, Samantha Rake and Hayden Taylor.  Fourth Place:  Chippewa County:  Blake Johnson, Tyler Johnson, Larissa Fossum and Johnathon Fossum.  Fifth Place:  Dodge County:  Morgan Wollin, Natalie Seidschlag, Riley Kappell, Mackenzie Schraufnagel

The top ten junior individual judges: Hannah Tremaine, Waukesha, Morgan Wollin, Dodge, Logan Schmitz, Iowa, Brady Palzkill, Iowa, Zachary Mickelson, Columbia, Blake Johnson, Chippewa, Haakon Schriefer, Iowa, Justin Taylor, Columbia, Ambrose Wiering, Manitowoc, and Natalie Siedschlag, Dodge.

The top sheep team was Marathon County; top swine team was Iowa County; top beef team was Iowa County.  Top Reasons individual for juniors went to Haakon Schriefer, Iowa County.

Sponsors for the State 4-H Livestock contest include:  The Milwaukee Stockyards, Wisconsin 4-H Foundation, Buell Gunderson Memorial, UW-Extension, Wisconsin Pork Association and UW Animal Science Departments.  Extension Youth Livestock Specialist Bernie O’Rourke, Alissa Grenawalt and 4-H Youth Development Specialist Pam Hobson organize the contest annually.

For more information contact Bernie O’Rourke (608) 263-4304,  Contest Website is:

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