COVID-19 Livestock Activities

During this time of COVID-19 and online learning, find below a number of resources that can be used to “keep” you busy.  Additionally, they can serve as “county educational requirements”.  These are ideas, and county programs will have the final say on if they meet county requirements.  This is an evolving list so check back for updates.  Your county or fair might have a specific form that is used for educational points.  In the meantime, track your involvement online using this available form.

Educational Verification Form

All species

  1. Livestock Learning Webinar Series – Wisconsin Youth Livestock Program did these videos in 2014 for beginning project members and 2016 for older members (Beef, Sheep, Swine and Meat Goats)
    If you have limited internet, you can acquire the audio file and a copy of the slides to follow along here.  
  2. Animal U – online virtual learning space for beginners, Iowa State University, Free for now
  3. Carcass and Ultrasound Evaluation Instruction – UW Madison Ron Russell and Bernie O’Rourke
  4. YQCA Online Modules – Flash sale of $9 from April 1 – April 30th.
  5. Livestock Judging
  6. Meats Judging


  1. Masters of Beef Advocacy – For older members, 9th grade and older
  2. NCBA Cattlemen’s College – Free till May 31.  For older members, 9th grade and older
  3. Ohio Farm Tours
  4. Stock Show Online Grooming

Sheep and Goats

  1. Small Ruminant Webinars – UW Division of Extension and UW Madison – Animal & Dairy Sciences Department, 2020


  1. The Pig – Modern Marvel
  2. Iowa Pork Farm Tour
  3. Ohio Pork Farm Tours


  1. Beef It’s What’s for Dinner
  2. Pork Yummly
  3. National Pork Board
  4. American Lamb


Here are some agriculture activities more geared to youth under 3rd grade.

Ranch House Designs Worksheets

This list has been compiled by Bernie O’Rourke, Extension Livestock Specialist in concert with Walter Taylor, Agriscience Teacher, Oconto Falls High School and Alissa Grenawalt, Past Outreach Specialist.

COVID-19 Program Management
Guidance on fair preparation tasks
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