Community Innovations for Aging in Place Initiative

The Community Innovations for Aging in Place Initiative (CIAIP) was authorized by Congress in the 2006 reauthorization of the Older Americans Act (OAA) to assist communities in their efforts to enable older adults to sustain their independence and age in place in their homes and communities.

Applicants for funding under the CIAIP initiative were instructed to assess their communities to identify any barriers to aging in place, and then, in collaboration with other community organizations, identify innovative strategies for providing and linking older individuals to programs that provide comprehensive and coordinated health and social services to older individuals. Services considered critical to aging in place include care management, evidence-based disease prevention and health promotion services, education, socialization, recreation, and civic engagement opportunities.

One of the Technical Assistance Grantee’s (TAG Team) responsibilities was to develop a series of publications detailing the work of the CIAIP grantee initiatives and disseminate them widely. The purpose of these publications is threefold: 1) To document the grantees’ work and report successes and challenges; 2) To summarize lessons learned from the grantees’ and the TAG’s experiences; and 3) To communicate these lessons learned and resources to organizations around the country that are planning to implement aging in place initiatives in their own communities.

To these ends, the TAG Team has prepared several types of reports, including in-depth information on selected CIAIP grantee initiatives and each initiative overview is available on the CIAIP site.