Economics of Storing Produce

Storing produce to market at a later date is one method to extend the marketing time for fruits and vegetables. There is added risk, labor and cost if crops are to be stored but this can sometimes be offset with higher prices if there is demand for the produce and it is high quality. The risk can be from disease or rotting of the stored produce before it can be marketed or a failure of the environmental control, causing a loss or decrease quality of the crop. There is labor required to move the produce in and out of storage and possibly some material handling equipment. If crops are to be marketed during the winter, do you have facilities to wash and pack during the cold months.

The following tool may help you assess if adding storage crops will be profitable for your enterprise.

Wisconsin Crop Storage Economic Analyzer

Veggie Compass – A farm profitability tool to help assess the impact of adding new enterprise or crop or to help identify how to improve the profitability of existing enterprises.