Foreclosure and the WHPE

Lunchtime Learning in February 2010 was focused on materials available through the Wisconsin Homeowner Preservation Education site.

On this site find information on:

  1. Overview – a description of the learning objectives and core competencies of the WHPE curriculum
  2. Budgeting Basics – learn how tracking income, debts, and expenses and creating a spending plan can save money
  3. Making Ends Meet – supplementing your income through benefit programs, tax credits, and tax filing
  4. Credit Management & Counseling – learn the ins and outs of credit, how it is tracked, and how to repair bad credit
  5. Understanding Default & Foreclosure – what happens after you miss a payment and the legal process of foreclosure
  6. Keeping Organized – how long should you keep your files and records?
  7. Maintaining Your Home – shedding light on the different aspects of owning a home
  8. Refinancing – a key way to help minimize your debts, particularly your mortgage