Mondays with Mary Pat Carlson

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Mary Pat Carlson
Small-Scale Food Manufacturing Specialist
University of Wisconsin Extension

If you are a Wisconsin-based business and resident, the UW Extension’s Small-scale Food Processing Specialist, Mary Pat Carlson is available on Mondays this fall to answer your questions and work with you in a free 1-on-1 consultation via video conferencing or telephone.

If you fill out the form below, please scroll down and specify which days and general times of day that work for you, and Mary Pat will contact you to schedule a specific time to meet with you over the phone or via video for 30 minutes. Please realize that this is a first come first serve service, so not all time slots that you choose may be available.

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More About Mary Pat Carlson

Mary Pat has over 15 years of direct consulting experience working with urban and rural communities, organizations, and individual businesses in the development and advancement of small-scale and shared-use food processing projects.  She has worked with a number of targeted projects to assist low-income, displaced workers, and start-up entrepreneurs.  And, most recently she has developed a custom-packing program.  She has assisted with the identification of the need and the opportunity to add value to agricultural products, support sustainability, improve access to local foods, and create jobs within the food manufacturing arena. She is currently a specialist with the University of Wisconsin Extension in the area of small-scale food manufacturing. She is founder, developer, and former executive director of The Farm Market Kitchen, a small-scale food processing business incubator and food education center serving the Northeast Wisconsin region. She served as Vice-President of the Wisconsin Business Incubator Association and currently is an active member. She is a founding member of the Wisconsin Specialty Food Processor’s Cooperative and FoodBIN (Food Business Innovation Network).