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News Updates

Seeding Rate Calculator 



Milk2016 – New Tool Helps Improve Feeding Value Estimates of Alfalfa and Grass

The latest version of the “MILK” series of spreadsheets, developed by UW Extension Agents and Professors, combines yield and quality to help you more accurately estimate the feeding value of alfalfa and grass than ever before.  Find out more about the development and usage of the tool by clicking the link below…

Milk2016: Index Combining Yield and Quality

And download the full spreadsheet here..

Milk2016 (Alfalfa-Grass)

New Extension Mobile App for Pricing Standing Forage

A new mobile Android app, developed by UW-Extension agricultural agents Greg Blonde and Ryan Sterry is making it easier for farmers to quickly estimate the value of standing forage. To learn more about the app that will help you determine a fair price when buying or selling corn, and to access a free download, click the link below to view the full article…

New Extension Mobile App

Grazing Stockpiled Forage

Accumulated or stockpiled forage can be an excellent source of forage for animals.  Fall stockpiled forage is brown but is high quality since it is largely leaves, unlike summer accumulated brown forage which is stemmy and low quality.  Grazing stockpiled forage is an excellent way to extend the grazing season and reduce costs of harvesting/buying forage. Read more about grazing stockpile forage by clicking the button below…

Grazing Stockpiled Forage