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Forage Variety trial results 2014

2010 Commercial and Experimental Seeding 2013 Commercial and Experimental Seeding 2011 Commercial and Experimental Seeding 2013 RoundUp Ready Seeding 2012 Commercial and Experimental Seeding 2012 RoundUp Ready Seeding 2013 Commercial and Experimental Seeding 2013 RoundUp Ready Seeding click here for MARKETER(s) WISCONSIN University of Wisconsin-Department of Agronomy Arlington, Columbia County, Agricultural Research Station Sown May 2011 Released & Experimental Varieties with […]


Forage Variety trial results 2013

2013 Alfalfa, Grass and Clover Variety Trial Results 2013 Alfalfa Variety Trials  (EXCEL file) 2013 Grass Variety Yield Trials (EXCEL file) 2013 Red Clover Variety Trials (EXCEL file)   Trial Results from Previous Years 2012 Trial Results 2011 Trial Results 2010 Trial Results   Compare Alfalfas (compiled yield trial results from 11 northern States and […]


Hay Desiccants and Preservatives

Hay Desiccants and Preservatives Dan Undersander Much interest has been expressed in compounds to reduce field curing time of forages. First, it is important to recognize that two totally different types of products with different modes of action are sold: one is a desiccant which is a compound applied to the hay at cutting to […]